New Source Counseling Centers

Welcome to the New Source Counseling Centers website. Since 1975 New Source has been providing quality counseling services in communities throughout Ohio. As an organization we are committed to providing treatment at competitive prices while focusing on the whole person. This includes the physical, psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the individual.   

If you are considering counseling I hope you will spend some time reviewing our office locations and the biographical information of our counselors. I am confident you will discover our clinicians, to be professional, warm, and deeply caring individuals. Their commitment to excellence and spiritual formation bring a unique combination of skills and compassion to work with those in need. Our network of comfortable offices offer confidentiality where your privacy is highly valued.

Wherever you are in your journey you can have faith and confidence in New Source Counseling Centers. Whether you are looking for a counselor, needing an experienced speaker for your organization or church, or in need of consultation on a myriad of mental health issues, we are available to listen to your concerns. I want to thank you for taking the time to visit our website. 

I wish you the very best in your journey.

Grace and peace,

J. Anthony Mosley M.A., LPCC, NCC, DAPA, CRS

Executive Director, New Source Counseling Centers

Our Staff